Our internet exchange creates a competitive and performant platform that allows low latency, high speed and truly regional exchange of traffic between hosting providers, operators and enterprises in Belgium.
With the cloudification of datacenters and many new internet only services connectivity is key for a reliable service, on our platform you can directly exchange traffic with any of our members using only a single connection.


We currently are present in 4 datacenters in Brussel and 1 in Gent, connect in any or multiple of these locations.


By peering directly with other members using a public or private vlan we provide a simple low latency way to exchange internet routes.


Peering should be faster and cheaper as internet transit, we provide 10/40/100 Gbps ports at economical prices.


Block DDOS before it reaches your network, we provide a blackhole community that drops malicious traffic without saturating your port.


Our marketplace and its commercial vlans allow you to buy services directly from any of our connected members.


Take advantage of our route servers that filter and validate routes using IRRdb and RPKI, we only announce trusted routes.


Flexible and fine-grained traffic control by using BGP communities on our route-servers.


Detailed statistics of your connection to our platform, detailing all exchanged traffic with other members.