We believed it was time for a more industry driven internet exchange with better commercial approach to meet todays changing internet market. Our goal is to provide a reliable and performant ethernet platform at economical prices that allows every network to improve their local connectivity

Internet exchange prices should be low. Transit prices have been dropping heavily in the past few years while the capacity of their network ports increased enormously. Most internet exchanges did not follow the same trend, port prices are low if you are able get 60% to 80% utilization rate but without the right peering partners this is very hard and it also leaves limited room for bursting traffic. In fact, internet peering should be cheaper and faster compared to transit. Exchange platforms have a much simpler topology, only metro fiber, no routing table, mostly limited redundancy, compared to any other internet provider. With this in mind we created a new platform with better pricing structures that allows networks to significantly improve their connectivity without allocation big budgets. We also promise to evaluate our pricing every 2 years based on the actual costs and changing market.

Internet exchanges should not be consolidated into a single city. Internet services today require more and more bandwidth, today most networks transport all this data to a single city to interconnect with other providers. For real traffic steering to work, exchanging traffic in the most efficient way, an exchange platform should be truly national and be accessible throughout the whole country. Traffic between systems in the same city should stay within the same city, traffic towards global content providers should not be transported far but handed off quickly.

Internet exchanges should be for everyone. More and more applications are delivered as software-as-a-service, many organizations are looking into software defined networking, even the smallest enterprise is starting to rely heavy on internet transport. The advantage of reliable direct connections, less prone to ddos attacks, should not be limited to service and content providers. Small hosting providers or your typical enterprise datacenter can be connected even without investing in big routers.

Internet exchanges should stay technical platforms and be industry driven. We all like a fancy party or a nice conference but in the end its all very expensive marketing. Real communities are build on mutual benefit and similar beliefs. Our platform is open to partners, any location or fiber is welcomed when it improves our platform. We do like to talk about the evolution of the internet and love to have beers with our members, invite us to your conference if you believe we have an interesting story to tell.