Sponsored Ports As a new exchange we only just started building our community, for the next year we are sponsoring ports as incentive to join. If your company strongly believes in our values and has an open or selective peering policy request your sponsored port today !


We can only provide pricing for Tier 1 and Tier 2 sites, pricing is public and the same for everyone. We do not believe in secret discounts or complicated billing models.

Tier 3 sites are managed and priced by our Tier 1 partners reselling our services, we guarantee that every Tier 3 customer will have his dedicated bandwidth assigned on the resellers ports.

Tier 1 sites

1000Base-LX/TGigabit ethernet port€100Free
10GBase-LXTen-Gigabit ethernet port€250Free
40GBase-LR4Forty-Gigabit ethernet port€750€750
100GBase-LR4100-Gigabit ethernet port€1500€1500

GTT Gent (Tier 2)

1000Base-LX/TGigabit ethernet port€250Free
10GBase-LXTen-Gigabit ethernet port€750€500

Our services

Public PeeringAccess to our public peering vlan (default)FreeFree
Commercial PeeringAccess to our public commercial peering vlan where you can buy/sell IP transit and paid peering (optional)FreeFree
Private VLANPrivate VLAN for operators that can be used for the commercial exchange of traffic (P2P and P2MP)€100Free